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Janet’s background in Risk Management and Human Resources, as well as her training and experience in Social Work and Mental Health, provides her with the ability to thoroughly comprehend the typically multiple conditions that both create and sustain disruptive performance as well as individual and organizational conflict.  
In addition to her understanding of organizational dynamics, Janet’s extensive training and experience in Mediation and Executive Coaching allows her to effectively understand the full context in which performance problems and conflict emerge and are sustained. She specializes in coaching abrasive leaders and is certified as a Boss Whisperer by the Boss Whispering Institute in Portland, Oregon. 
Having served as the Director of Employee Relations for the University of Nevada, Reno, for nearly 20 years, a position which additionally assists the three northern Nevada community college campuses within the Nevada System of Higher Education, she possesses expertise in working with the unique environment presented by Higher Education. 
Janet possesses extensive experience and certification in Employee Assistance Programs, Human Resources Management, Conflict Resolution, Executive Coaching, and Coaching Abrasive Leaders. She holds the following licenses and certifications: 

  • Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP)

  • Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

  • Certificates in Conflict Resolution from the University of Utah, the Utah Bar Association, and the Center for Dispute Resolution in Santa Monica, California.

  • Certificate in Coaching Abrasive Leaders from the Boss Whispering Institute in Portland, Oregon.

  • Licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in Montana and Nevada (LCSW) 

A Montana native, Janet obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Montana and her Master of Social Work from the University of Washington. Past clients include the United States Postal Service, Boeing, Intermountain Healthcare, the University of Utah, and the Nevada System of Higher Education. She is a member of the International Association on Workplace Bullying & Harassment, the National Workplace Bullying Coalition, and the Nevada Dispute Resolution Coalition.

Janet Anderson, SPHR, CEAP, LCSW

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