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Conflict Resolution

The Positive Side of Conflict


Conflict in an organization must not always be construed as a negative. Organizational conflict results from differing perspectives, competing goals, and differences in work style and vision. The power found in a team is in large part a result of this diversity. Problems arise only when inevitable conflict is not effectively managed.


Conflict is oftentimes extremely difficult for organizations to effectively resolve because there are multiple dynamics at play in workplace conflict. Resolution is complex within an organization because, in addition to the personalities that are currently at odds, there is also present the overlay of organizational rules and culture.


When a situation is escalated, as it frequently is, supervisors and managers oftentimes are not confident in their conflict resolution skills. It is understandable: conflict can involve strong emotions and perhaps even behaviors that are intimidating to manage, especially without proper training. They can be uncomfortable to manage even with training. If it is not resolved, however, it can continue to cause disruption, turnover, absenteeism, presentism, and many other forms of unnecessary and frequently unseen cost.


I am extensively trained and experienced in resolving individual and organizational conflict. Each situation is highly unique. I invite you to contact me for a no-cost and no-obligation conversation to see if I may be able to assist in addressing a conflictual situation that you believe may be problematic to your organization.


Janet Anderson, SPHR, CEAP, LCSW

(775) 722-5066

Billings, Montana



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