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Boss Whispering


I am certified as a “Boss Whisperer” by the Boss Whispering Institute located in Portland, Oregon “Boss Whispering” is a highly effective means of assisting leaders who have been described as “abrasive, hostile, angry, mean, etc.” Boss Whispering helps the leader make alterations to their interactive style which can assist an organization in both retaining them as well as other employees who may be complaining about this individual.


Turnover of employees who are considered to be valuable is very expensive and disruptive. Turnover is what inevitably happens if organizations do not manage workplace conflict. If poor behavior occurs within leadership, the organization oftentimes resorts to releasing the problematic leader which is frequently not a desirable outcome, as typically much time and resource have been spent developing the individual. Too, when organizations are reluctant to address the problematic behavior with the leader, the end result is commonly turnover among employees who grow weary of feeling mistreated. This is also a breeding ground for illegal harassment and discrimination claims.


It is not only the cost of turnover and potential liability, but productivity also suffers when there is perceived destructive behavior within leadership.


Oftentimes organizations are reluctant to try to address problematic behaviors in leadership. Common responses are “Oh that is just (leader’s name). We all just try to work around them.” Or, “Well (leader’s name) may not be so good at that touchy-feely stuff but they really know the ins and outs of the industry”. It is extremely common to try to wait out the problem by rationalizing that" maybe it won't happen again".


The reasons organizations are reluctant to address this are many. Leaders oftentimes have been with an organization for many years. Or they bring in a lot of revenue. The organization may be fearful that the leader will quit or that they will bring legal action if their behaviors are addressed. It is not uncommon that the organization has tried to address the behavior albeit unsuccessfully, and they are reticent to take another run at it because they do not know what else to try.


Being able to get along with colleagues and assisting employees to thrive is an extremely important piece of the leadership role; leaders exhibiting these qualities improve the health and productivity of the organization. Failing to actively manage a known problem of this nature is a decision, and one that will likely not result in a positive outcome.


Please peruse the article below for additional information. And please contact me if I can answer any questions for you about this helpful process. I would be happy to provide additional information. I offer an initial conversation at no charge and with no obligation to see if my services might be a fit for your need.


Janet Anderson, SPHR, CEAP, LCSW

(775) 722-5066

Billings, Montana


Additional information from Dr. Laura Crawshaw’s Boss Whispering Institute:




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